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Practice Area

Our New Patient Area has been revised and approved by NHS England and took effect in February 2014.

Click here for the Electronic Catchment Area Map.

The map on the link above appears to be working again.  There should be two areas shown: a darker pink inner area for new patients and a lighter pink area for existing patients.


If only a light pink area is shown then the NHS map is malfunctioning again and you should take advice from Reception to determine if you live within our New Patient Boundary.See below:


The Inner (Darker Red) Catchment Area:

This Inner (Darker Red) area is our new patient area



  • We welcome new patients in this Inner (darker red) Catchment Area.


The larger Outer (Lighter Red) Catchment Area:


  • Existing patients may move into the Outer Catchment Area and remain our patients.
  • New patients under Age 16 moving into the same household as existing patients may register. (e.g. a new child in the household)
  • Patients who used to be regular registered patients at Bennfield Surgery and who move back to the family home may re-register. (e.g. College Students returning home)


Patients who move outside the Outer Catchment Area may not remain registered patients. 


NHS Choices website will provide you with details of GP Practices who cover your new address.


Please also note the Post-code checker may also not accurately place the flag.  If you live right on the edge of a Catchment Area you should zoom in on the map to see the detail of your road and close detail of the edges of the Catchment Areas.


Our staff will be happy to help you if you are unsure.


A Frequently asked question:


Q.   If my house is on the road at the edge of the Catchment Area does is matter which side of the road I live on?

A.   No, if the line of the Catchment Area is down the center of your road, then houses on both sides of the road are counted as within the Catchment Area.  Cul-de-sacs and Closes off that road are not counted as within the Catchment Area unless specifically shown on the electronic map.

Paper maps of our Catchment Area are available at the Surgery.

How to contact us

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Out-of-Hours Medical Care

If you need urgent medical advice when our practice is closed, a clinician is always available in the evening, nights, weekends, public holidays and on protected learning afternoons (staff training).  Please telephone NHS Warwickshire Out of Hours Service (Care UK) on 111 and your call will be re-directed to the Out-of-Hours Service.

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